Saturday, April 3, 2010

Don't We Learn From History?

Have you ever thought about the similarities of the Palestinian people and the Native Americans? How can we acknowledge the atrocities that happened to the Native American at the hands of the Europeans settlers but yet justify the Jews "right" to take land, at all costs, because they "were there first" (3,000 years ago!).

How many people that believe that Israel should be given to the Jews would hand over their home to any Native American that said "Hey, I want it back." I doubt it... seriously. And even more than that, who wouldn't put up a fight and take weapons to protect themselves if this was a sweeping movement effecting their friends, family and neighbors?

It would make a large statement to the world if these two groups banded together to speak up about what is happening. I don't think many people who support the expansion of Israel really understand what human rights violations they are agreeing to. I think they are also forgetting about the Golden Rule.

So let's say, for argument's sake, that Israel should be inhabited by only Jews and this land needs to be "purified" of all other races and religions and this is God's wish. Are we doing this in a way that God would approve? Does the end justify the means? The infamous question - What would Jesus (pbuh) do? While Jesus surprised many with his answers to questions he was asked, I have great doubts he (pbuh) would say, "Well, anyone who won't move, bulldoze their home. It doesn't matter if they are sleeping in it at the time."

We are in a time of technology and engineering. We are constantly breaking records of the tallest building in the world... why do people have to move in order for others to inhabit the same city? Can't tall apartment buildings be built?

The answer is, what is happening is nothing short of ethnic cleansing. This is what happened to the Native Americans at the hands of the Europeans and we are living the United States, aware of our own history, and allowing it to happen to others. The bombs dropped on the civilians might as well have the stamp "Made in the USA." Is this what you, as an American, a human being, approve of?

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