Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Muslim Reading the Bible: Exodus 13 - Leviticus 20

Peace and Blessing to all,
Wow, it has already been two weeks! How the time passes... I have barely logged into Blogger lately, so it'll take a while to get back to your comments also. I apologize, but things are just not conducive to being able to sit down and write thought out posts and comments. InshaAllah, one day...

I'm sorry to say that I spent most of my reading in the end of Exodus and Leviticus completely bored. I finally got to the point where I just skimmed the making of the Tabernacle, the genealogy, laws of exactly how to sacrifice animals for atonement and other reasons. Frankly, I'm not going to be sacrificing an animal at the Tabernacle any time soon, so I figured it was pretty safe to not commit the "how" to memory.

I see now why Christians talk about being freed from the "law" of the Jews. Man, it is painful to read through it verbatim. Alhamdulilah, I love that Islam is the balance between a law that seems much like just custom without necessarily direct symbolism and meaning and a religion with too little guidance causing the followers to go every which way claiming they have the right way.


There are female prophets? Exo 15:20
Is Amalek an ethnic group today? Exo 17:14-16
This verse is clear as day about statues and creating images. Why then is this disregarded present day? Exo 20:4
Marking slaves like cattle? Yikes. Exo 21:6
Who acts as the judge for God on this earth? Exo 22:9
Is interest only forbidden for the Jews? And only between themselves? Exo 22:25
What does it mean you give them to God? Exo 22:30
Is this talking about Palestine? Exo 23:30-31
Is this justification for Israel's actions today? Exo 34:24

Is this how the priests stay fed? Lev 7:8-10
Why is the time the mother is unclean double when she has a girl? Lev 12:2-5
Atone for all of Israel? Lev 16:17
What is this day in modern times? Lev 16:29
Who is Molech? Lev 20:2
What does it mean to be cut off from his people? Lev 20:18

I found it interesting that in the Bible, Aaron was said to have made the golden calf. SubhanAllah, I know that the people in the Bible aren't expected to be sinless, but committing shirk (associating partners/idolatry)?!

In Islam, bid'ah (innovation) is considered a serious issue. I found it interesting how God reacted in this story to the innovation they were practicing. Lev 10:1-2

I'm sorry to say it, but some of these rituals remind me of witchcraft practices, like in this account: Lev 13:49-52

I'm into Numbers now, but as usual, I must go and this seems to be enough to digest at one time.

InshaAllah this finds everyone well, until next time!