Friday, May 6, 2011

Reading the Bible

I've been wanting to read the Bible for quite some time, and I read the Gospels within the last two years, but I wanted to be able to say I've read the entire thing.

I find it somewhat odd that most people don't show appreciation for one trying to read through the Bible. Not appreciation like, "Thanks for doing the dishes", I'm talking about respecting the act and validating it as a worthwhile thing to do. I have been told a number of times to just read a part, and of course this part is pointed out to me. What is so wrong with reading it from cover to cover?

I don't expect many surprises as I've read many people's viewpoints on the Bible whether it be agnostic, atheist, Muslim, Christian, etc. and this points me to all the "highlights" that one would want to display for their own purpose. My goal really in all of this is to understand context far better and to look at the whole picture. Too often we are pointed to one section or another, as I stated before, and I think unfortunately it is even more often that we as humans take the lazy way out and don't look into it further.

Now, I am the queen of being inconsistent, so I will do my best, but with two kids (one being quite small still) and a husband that keep me busy, I can't make any promises. Just know my intentions are to take the notes from my Kindle and try to share them along the way.


  1. I think it's great to read it from cover to cover so you can get the whole story. Probably those who recommend only sections believe most people are too lazy to read the whole thing so they give parts that they like the best. That's my guess anyway. :)

  2. That's very true. The Bible is not an easy book to get through, so I don't imagine most people have high hopes that another person would read through it. The lineage alone is hard for me because I don't know which parts I should know and which parts are not really relevant for me to take from it. We shall see. :)