Thursday, September 24, 2009

What makes me different?

So, what makes me different... thinking that I have found the truth, the right way, and that others are misguided? What makes me different than someone who denies the points of debate I propose and we both walk away unhappy and frustrated?

It is important for anyone in inter-faith dialogue, whether it is formal or informal, to keep an open mind... and to acknowledge weak points of knowledge and acknowledge points that each agrees with. The most frustrating part of an inter-faith conversation is both parties (or even just one for that matter) only preparing themselves for their next argument to proof the other person wrong. Why are two or more people discussing anything if they are not listening to each other? What's the point? Do we just like the sound of our own voice? Are we really that arrogant? Not exactly...

Simply put, as humans we don't want to ever admit that we are wrong. We don't want to come to the realization that we mindfully used our brains to come to a conclusion, and there was something faulty along the way. Also, we refuse to step out of our comfort zone in many cases and stay with what makes us feel secure.

Am I at fault with this? Absolutely. But of course, the first step is to recognize the existence of an issue and then work towards removing the harmful aspects of it.

Let's use our minds, mouths and ears for what Allah intended us to use them for. Do not assume you know everything... Allah did not grant you the gift of perfection.

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